Residual Unseen, outdoor courtyard
 An interdisciplinary ensemble of WKU and invited faculty, along with their students, invite you to join them in an active story-telling experience.
 You are encouraged to explore the entire museum building, both inside and out. 
 Performers and audience blur the lines between music halls and the museum walls; between observing and creating.
 We begin with the Kentucky Museum exhibits. Moving through the space, we ask the audience to have conversations with the voices that exist both within and on the walls. We ask: What stories are being told? Conversely, what stories have not yet been heard? How do we reach across time – into the past and the future – to ensure all our stories are spoken?
 The audience is encouraged to move freely within a choreographed space and immerse themselves in the exhibit with permission to experience and interact with installations and performers. Pictured: Jade Primicias, dancer
Residual Unseen
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